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Seamlessly manage all your cars online, from your phone and in the cloud with your mechanic. Share photos with friends, get timely updated on next service due.

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With AvidSquare, you can connect with friends from around the world, share your car passiong with anyone, or meet new owners like yourself.

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AvidSquare connects you with your motor sport network of friends. What LinkedIn does for professional contacts, AvidSquare does for your passion for motor sports.

AvidSquare is currently in private beta mode, so we are not open yet to the public but contact us for a sneak peak if you are interested.You can also find some invite codes online if you search hard.

AvidSquare is part of a larger network of owner's forums including: Ferrari Life, Maserati Life.

Where did we get the name? Your Avid motoring passion meets the modern version of the traditional social city Square - hence AvidSquare.com. Invite some friends and get motored. here